Our Purpose

Spiritual Warriors seek to find their personal purpose in life. Here are readers’ views…

Do you have a purpose?

“Yes, but that purpose can be big or small. We’re here to be happy, to do what we can for other people, our community and the earth, and to do no harm.” Eileen, Brooklyn, N.Y.

“I believe I have a purpose in life, a calling or vocation. I think that everyone has ‘something,’ a task, that is what their soul loves and yearns to express in this lifetime. To work through loads of karma – to live out my soul’s purpose – to do my part to create a ‘heaven on earth’ through my own healing and soul growth. To help others to heal psychologically and spiritually, so that they too may live out their soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Collectively, we can make this world a beautiful place, when we find that beauty within ourselves.” Anonymous, New Mexico

“My purpose in life is to use my experience to help other people heal and grow. I am ‘here’ to love and learn about others and myself. My mission in life is to experience a rich and meaningful transition from the physical to the spiritual.” Paul, New York City

“I believe one should work hard, try to treat everyone with respect and decency as much as possible, and love a select few very deeply. I am here because my parents’ genetic material randomly combined to produce me! … To make a small difference for those people I come in contact with by treating them with decency, kindness, and generosity.” Anne, New York City

“No, I don’t think there is one (or even several) things I’m destined to do or should be doing. Through experience I’ve learned what makes me happier and more fulfilled, so I’m working toward those things. I have a mission I’ve given myself (vs. destiny or a God), which is to enjoy life as fully as I am capable and to try be a better person every day.” Vanessa, Washington, D.C.

“I struggle with this because I feel I’m capable of something big and fulfilling and creative and good for the world but that what I am doing now is not it, and that I’m willingly too distracted to realign.  And I think that our Western society only increases the distraction – I have a fantasy that I just drop out for awhile and let my mind settle and then the real ideas will have a chance to emerge (a la Shirley Valentine or a Year in Provence or Eat Pray Love, etc).  But is this inkling “nature”, coming from within my own spiritual-purpose-seeking self, or is it from “nurture”, and all those endless movies and TV commercials that constantly my whole life tell me that I could always be doing better than I am???” Leigh, Nashville, T.N.

“Be friendly with all beings in the universe. I keep the message of ‘Don’t hate anybody’ [Maa Vidwishaavahai -Upanishad] as my life’s purpose. I am here on the earth to serve the purpose of my life. My life-long search is to find an answer to the question: Who am I ? (Koham?) Of course the answer lies in the question itself but one should find it out by being one with all. My mission is to give what I have and not to keep everything for myself.” Anonymous, New York

“My existence is purpose, but I have no purpose in life. As a part of creation and the universe, a person’s existence already fulfills his purpose. In general, ‘you’ as in a ‘person’ may have or need a personal purpose in life to achieve happiness or contentment. We are here to exist. Born, live, die. We are part of God’s creation. People with chosen personal purposes leave impressions, shape creation, provide direction.” Anonymous, Florida

“I believe that we are here to get to know ourselves in the deepest sense possible, to know who we are in relation to Life/God/Supreme Being and in relation to each other. With that knowledge, we can give the best of ourselves to serve Life in the best possible way. For me that way is promoting good stewardship of Mother Earth and her inhabitants, starting with water conservation and writing, which is what I’m doing now. This is what keeps me going through the tough times. It lets me feel valuable, even when others don’t see me that way. It reminds me to keep checking in with my Deepest Self to understand events from a higher perspective. Whereas before I thought I was protecting that bright light, now I find that It protects me.” Anonymous, California

“I believe I have a purpose in life and that is to try my best to live it in such a way as to not regret anything and to make the world a better place. This could something as simple as painting a smile on someone’s face or recycling your garbage.” Anonymous, New York

“I believe I have a purpose in life and we all have a purpose, but I don’t know that we necessarily need to know what it is. When bad things happen, I think that there has to be a reason and that I should learn something from the experience to give it meaning, but I don’t think we always are able to figure out the meaning. I think I am here to help people heal. Perhaps I am limited to my chiropractic specialty or perhaps my life experiences also allow me to give insight to people I am exposed to. I think we are all here for a reason and I believe there is an order to the universe… there is some kind of plan.” Laura, Pelham, N.Y.

“I don’t happen to believe that I have a personal purpose designated by a higher power because I don’t believe in a higher power that micromanages each of our fates or experiences.  (I note that this does not prevent me from praying for such help in moments of stress – go figure!) I do believe that we should behave responsibly, generously and ethically because of the Jewish values with which I grew up. Reform Judaism in particular focuses on Tikkun olam or repairing the world. A general mandate to make the world better is different in my mind that from having a mission to solve a particular problem.” Anonymous, New York City


so vibrant, all surrounding and pervading


so beautiful and true

just life

is what I found in life

and for the first time it’s enough”

Anushree, Almeria, Spain

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