The Meaning of Life

Spiritual Warriors cultivate their own meaning in life and purpose for their existence. Readers respond…

What is the meaning of life?

“A meaningful life is granted on the condition that we live it. To live it means to be in the world as fully as we can in that moment. Being in the world means to have an intimate connection with ourselves, the people around us and our personal understanding of God.” Paul, New York City

“There is no meaning; it just is. You do your best to slog through with good humor and to do more good than harm.  The real enjoyment is in the very small, satisfying details: a beautiful summer morning, a delicious meal, that fleeting sense of general well-being that sometimes appears. The real sadness is only an illusion.” Anne, New York City

“I think that we incarnate with specific ‘goals’ in mind, ways to work off past life karma through life experiences, and experiences that will foster our personal growth, or soul growth if you will. … part of the meaning of life is to get closer to the realization of our own innate perfection, the realization of our Divine nature. I believe that the closer we get to this realization, the more we can love everything around us, and being able to love selflessly is also part of the meaning of life.” Anonymous, New Mexico

“To be Darwinian about it, life exists for its own sake. We’re lucky to be able to have some choice and control as to what we do with it.” Eileen, Brooklyn, N.Y.

“I’m not sure there is a “meaning of life.”  We’re here, we’re living – I’m not too worried about how or why or for what purpose living beings occurred.  Once you’re here, then finding peace and satisfaction becomes important, but I think that’s different from the meaning of life. I think having a purpose in life is important – people need it.  Now, I know folks who claim that they’re not too bothered about a purpose, just getting up and living a day and going back to sleep is fine by them, but still I think a purpose is important, it is a defining thing that gives satisfaction.  Kind of like a sheepdog is restless and a troublemaker until he has some sheep to herd – herding is his purpose and that’s where he’s at his best.” Leigh, Nashville

“I believe the meaning, purpose, significance of life is to serve creation. The cycle of life and death perpetuates creation. Life is creation’s chain reaction. It’s the fuel that enables the life of creation God created. Life set creation into motion. I don’t hold that individual life is significant in and of itself – except that it is significant to the whole; like a grain of sand on a beach.” Anonymous, Florida

“Be happy and peaceful; and make the whole universe also happy and peaceful. He or she should feel inclusive and not exclusive.” Anonymous, New York

“The meaning of all life? I don’t think there is a meaning. I think people need to find and pursue their passions and life is usually better with good friends & loved ones to share in the journey.” Vanessa, Washington, D.C.

“I don’t know what the meaning of life is, but I do believe we are all here to learn and experience each other.” Laura, Pelham, N.Y.

“The meaning of life cannot be thought of, it can only be lived without the mind. At the moment the mind comes in, the meaning is LOST!!!!! So, to be bathed by the meaning of life, one has to learn to let go of the thinking mind.” Anonymous, California

“I believe that the meaning of life is revealed to us through our individual experiences we acquire along the road of life. Therefore, life’s meaning is different for everyone. I believe every living thing on earth has a purpose. I also believe that our individual purposes combine and intertwine creating a synergy of purpose for mankind.” Gail, Meriden, Conn.

“Every living thing that takes a breath everyday has a purpose. I feel we as humans do not allow ourselves time to know what our true purpose is here. I use to think that after high school that I should go into business and make money. I realized 6 years later that my true calling was to be a teacher, to guide and listen to those who will be full-fledged members of society one day. After 12 years, I can see now that I have a part in that. … Do not ever think you have no purpose here. I know that I do.” April, New Rochelle, N.Y.

“There is no meaning of life. Life is beautiful as it is and we should make the best of it and make the world a better place but if you look at the grand scheme of things I don’t think there is a higher meaning.” Anonymous, New York

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