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Healing the Gulf

Most of us are watching helplessly as the oil spill in the Gulf damages our ecosystem, but there is something we can do in our own homes to help. Rather than giving into the anger, let’s use our energy to … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life

Spiritual Warriors cultivate their own meaning in life and purpose for their existence. Readers respond… What is the meaning of life? “A meaningful life is granted on the condition that we live it. To live it means to be in … Continue reading

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The Journey Begins…

Welcome to Spiritual Warrior Healing, located at the intersection of Eastern philosophy and Western psychology. Seekers journey from all corners of humanity to harmonize their inner and outer worlds, to release negativity and painful memories, and to define the reality … Continue reading

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Mantra of the Month: Maha Mrityunjaya

Mrityunjaya Mantra “Om trayambakkam yajaa-mahe sugan-dhim pushti-vardhanam urvaa-rooka-miva bandha-naam mrityor mooksheeya maamritaat Om.”

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We begin our journey by defining the nature of the Spiritual Warrior path. Most of us start down this road due to a driving need for love and peace – and with the sense that meaning will lessen our suffering. … Continue reading

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